Grace Hopper Conference

Previously, I got the opportunity to be a part of Grace Hopper Conference, India and this year I got to attend Grace Hopper Conference, Texas too! I got the chance to be motivated by Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Wojcicki, Hilary Mason, Megan Smith, Moira Forbes, CMU’s very own Manuela M. Veloso and so many more inspirational women. I met and was amazed by the energy of so many more great women.

GHC Scholar

I was a Grace Hopper Scholar for 2015. Thank you Capital One for sponsorship! It’s a great effort that companies like Capital One support and fund students like me. I can’t thank them enough for this great opportunity.

Command line Pipeline for machine learning problems

My poster for Command Line Pipeline for Machine Learning Problems got accepted at this years Grace Hopper Conference. The idea for the design was inspired by a poster made by Lucy and Natalia from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Open Source Day Hackathon in team Cloudera

I participated in the Open Source Day Hackathon and was in Team Cloudera. We hacked on a data science problem for social good. The data was provided by a Bay Area Museum. More information about the hackathon can be found on the ABI wiki.

We used several data visualization softwares like, Tableau, Raphael, Google Charts to make interactive visualizations and gained insights from them. This was my first OSD and for GHC 2016, I will be volunteering in the OSD committee.

Mentoring at Github

This was my first time being a mentor and I mentored for Github. It was great! I would love to mentor again for Github and for other organizations too. The mentees had the following two options to learn from:

  • Hello World!
    • They will follow GitHub’s Hello World guide in small groups to create their first open source project with real content and make pull requests on your and other attendees’ projects. A great example of a project like is this.
  • Git-It
    • This was a bit more advanced, for those who are already comfortable using the command line. Git-it, a terminal app that powers the Patchwork tutorial for learning Git and GitHub. To use Git-it you’ll need to have both Git and Node.js installed on your computer.

There are full setup instructions here.

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