Nokia Do Good Hackathon

This was my first ever hackathon. It was a such a great experience that I just love hackathoning now. The exhilarating experience that teaches you so much and makes one rack their brains is simply awesome. Though I loved to keep my nose in a good book, now I love to participate in hackathons too. Eclectic minds from all over Delhi had come and their lighting talks inspired me. I met Nalin Savara at this hackathon. He motivated me to go forth and leave no stone unturned while putting my best effort into all the work that I do.

I also learnt to develop Windows phone applications here. I developed ‘EducateAll’ at this hackathon. It is an app based on live streaming, ment for virtually connecting students and teachers. It is especially applicable to remote locations and places where schools have not yet been built. This is the app that I presented as a solution to inclusive growth using technology at the India Scholarship Awards, presented by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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20 August 2013