Data Visualization

When you have a lot of data at hand, often the best thing to do is to plot it on a graph. That way one can visualize it and see how sparse or dense the data points are. It gives a basic idea about the data that we have to analyze. Data visualization as the name suggests, lets one see the data. Seeing several tables or mounds of csv files does not tell us anything apart from the fact that we just have a lot of data. I have used data visualization extensively to understand what data implies. It helps to read inbetween the lines and data analysis is in essential terms that only.

Visualization also introduced me to the formula of my face. That is just plain amazing. This post on the Wolfram Alpha blog describes the procedure to derive the formula for almost every object, item and even human that is present on the planet. This was the best thing that I have ever read. It encompasses the idea that maths is present everywhere. They are using Fourier Transforms too and this again proves the fact the Fourier Transforms are “the most important numerical algorithm of our lifetime”.

Data visualization helps in seeing the information that is present. Being able to visualize data makes it much easier to understand the data and make formulas that define its rules. By making graphs of data it is possible to understand where the outliers lie. If we see a graph of K means clustering then we can see what properties are within each cluster and how they merge into the other clusters. This helps us to understand exactly how to formulate the rules that define the clusters.

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